Dierdre Stoneking Dierdre Boucher Stoneking

What drives artists' is the desire to express something visually and emotionally and to constantly challenge themselves.

Mission Statement
"Art with an (aura)" — to create art that resonates.

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There is a visual experience between the painting and the person seeing the piece for the first time, this sometimes captures a childhood memory that has long been forgotten, but in that instant, that memory comes flooding back, that one moment that brings a smile to the face of the viewer, at that time, the artist knows they've done their very best.

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As the artist, Dierdre feels it's her responsibility to capture that feeling, to give the viewer that same excitement and passion she has for her work.

This committment to tell the story has broadened from a very young age.  When she was in high school, she was commissioned  by a math teacher, to do artwork for a nursery when it was discovered her notebook was filled with drawings instead of formulas.

Dierdre has painted landscapes, still life, animals, portraits and figures believing that all these subjects should be mastered to create believable genre paintings. Memories and life experiences can be illustrated by creating a setting with models and the setting can be any place and time. Instead of just capturing a moment and painting it plein air Dierdre wants to create a universal moment depicted in a personal way that appeals to many. Something they can relate to. Kind of like Seinfeld on canvas. Sometimes these feelings can be humorous, sometimes poignant; paintings filled with cues about the story such as explained in the paintings The Letter and The Old West. With the direction of amazing mentors Dierdre strives to tell these stories on canvas in a more beautiful and artistic way. Art is a journey and my passion. I invite you to accompany me.

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“Find out what you really like if you can. Find out what is really important to you. Then sing your song. You will have something to sing about and your whole heart will be in the singing.”
-Robert Henri-
The Art Spirit