Dierdre Stoneking Placeholder Picture

Original Paintings —

Stop and see what we take for granted, it will make you smile.

My Left Foot

7" x 10" unframed
12" x 15" custom framed

Shadow Dancers - Original


A study of my husbands hand and foot.

The Haven

10" x 7" unframed
14" x 11" custom framed

Placeholder Picture


The location of a wonderful memory. Lunch with my sweetheart at this table.

Minoux on Break

9" x 7" framed

Placeholder Picture

Oil on canvas board

If you look closely you will see the mouse hiding under the saddle horn.

The Courtyard

10" x 8" unframed
15½" x 13½" custom framed

Shadow Dancers - Original

Oil on canvas

Autumn in the courtyard.